miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2009

Katherine: He painted what he felt, not what he saw. People didn't understand, to them it seemed childlike and crude. It took years for them to recognize his actual technique. To see the way his brush strokes seemed to make the night sky move. Yet, he never sold a painting in his lifetime. This is his self-portrait. There's no camouflage, no romance. Honesty. Now, sixty years later, where is he?
Giselle: Famous.
Katherine: So famous, in fact, that everybody has a reproduction. There are post cards...
Connie: We have the calendar.
Katherine: you go. With the ability to reproduce art, it is available to the masses. No one needs to own a van Gogh original, they can paint their own. Van Gogh in a box, ladies! The newest form of mass-distributed art; paint by numbers.
Connie: [reading from the box] "Now everyone can be van Gogh. It's so easy. Just follow the simple instructions and in minutes, you're on your way to being an artist."
Giselle: Van Gogh by numbers?
Katherine: Ironic, isn't it? Look at what we have done to the man who refused to conform his ideals to popular taste. Who refused to compromise his integrity. We have put him in a tiny box and asked you to copy him.
[Muuchas horas mirando peliculas, se viene una serie de entradas todas con frases y dialogos de las peliculas...Y puse 2 dibujos, porque sinceramente me canse de ver los girasoles esos, todo el año cada vez que habia que hacer algo para sistema, estaban esos girasoles incluidos..pero bueno, el dialogo se refiere a ese dibujo]